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About ChemQuest

Chemquest provides a central repository for MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provide information about substances and their associated hazards, including information about:

  • properties and uses of a substance
  • health hazard information
  • precautions for use
  • safe handling requirements

Material Safety Data Sheets are prepared and distributed by manufacturers and importers of substances. Suppliers of substances are responsible for distributing the MSDS prepared by the manufacturer or importer.

This site provides MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS for consumers wishing to acquire a better understanding of the products they purchase in. It enables consumers to acquire knowledge of chemical substances that are used in everyday products they buy at their supermarket or hardware store. It also enables consumers to search on well-known BRAND NAMES, even if they do not know what the chemical composition of the product may be.

Chemquest also links consumers to an extensive database of Australian companies with MSDS information, as well as a comprehensive listing of Australian government resources.

Every MSDS published meets the standards set for the NATIONAL CODES OF PRACTICE FOR THE PREPARATION OF MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETS [NOHSC: 2011 (1994)].